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Start Thriving!

The goal of this captivating book is to help you sort through life’s complexities and discover your path to thriving every day.


You will recognize the power you have to make choices and pick up ideas about how to change your life, leading to enhanced vitality, a sense of purpose and meaning, and to even reach your full potential.

Rand Selig - Thriving Book - The Power of Positive Thinking Author.

What you will learn

  Discover how to:

  • Define success on your terms, understand what “enough” truly means

  • Forge enduring and deep relationships with yourself, friends, family, partners

  • Strengthen your emotional health by letting go, forgiving, and stoping self-sabotage

  • Become a lifelong learner, fully accepting mistakes and turning them into valuable lessons

  • Age well, managing transitions, endings, and new beginnings

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